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The Amnesia Fortnight 2017

Remember Amnesia Fortnight? The two-week Double Fine game jam is back, and you're invited. So c'mon in! Watch the game idea pitch videos, toss a dollar or fifteen to charity, and pick your favorites.

Round One. Vote on your favorite game concepts  – as many of them as you like. Your unique vote link will be available on your purchase page.

Round Two. The winners get turned into prototype games during an epic marathon. (You can watch, too!)

Round Three. You get to download and play the finished prototypes. Aw yeah.

Here's the idea. During Amnesia Fortnight, Double Fine takes a break from whatever they're working on ("amnesia"), splits the company into teams, and gives each team a couple of weeks to make a new game ("fortnight"). They do it to test out new ideas and new leaders who feel ready to have a project of their own. Amnesia Fortnight was an internal game jam until 2012, when Double Fine threw open the doors and gave us all a vote!

DRM-Free and on Steam. All of the prototypes included are DRM-free and for Windows only. The full games, from Double Fine, are available DRM-free and on Steam. Please check out the full system requirements here prior to purchasing.

Support charity. As always, you can choose where the money goes – between the developer, SpecialEffect, and, if you'd like, a second charity of your choice via the Paypal Giving Fund. If you like the bundle or like what we do, you can leave us a Humble Tip too!

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Double Fine's game jam is back and they want you to contribute!

  • April 4-7: Vote for your favorite game ideas to be prototyped.
  • April 12-25: Double Fine creates prototypes for four of the ideas (two from your votes, one picked by Double Fine's team, and one picked by the founder, Tim). 2 Player Productions films the game-making madness so you can watch!
  • April 28: The bundle ends, and you download the finished prototypes for Windows.

Can't wait? Double Fine threw in some full games, too, so you can start playing while they jam!